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Top 5 Mediterranean Countries for Digital Nomads
Top 5 Mediterranean Countries for Digital Nomads

Top 5 Mediterranean Countries for Digital Nomads

Top 5 Mediterranean Countries for Digital Nomads

It’s easier than ever to combine travel, leisure, and work. All you need is willpower, a good internet connection, and a computer to become a digital nomad. Nevertheless, choosing your next destination is always harder than it seems.
To help you take the next step, we’ve put together a list of the best Mediterranean Countries for Digital Nomads.

Top 5 best Mediterranean Countries to live as a Digital Nomad

1. Morocco: Marrakech

What better way to start this list than by describing Marrakech, the Moroccan red gem. It is a destination that you do not necessarily think of when you are a digital nomad or want to become one. However, Marrakech has all the necessary tools for a nomadic entrepreneur.

In Marrakech, life is not expensive, people are super nice and it’s almost always sunny. Additionally, the food is excellent and varied and there are lots of things to do and places to visit. Moreover, the geographical location of Morocco makes it an important hub for digital nomads wishing to start a business between Europe and Africa.

Digital Nomad Marrakech Morocco


Unfortunately, the internet connectivity isn’t so great in Marrakech. The average download speed is 22.92 Mbps and the average upload speed is 8.26 Mbps. Nevertheless, you can always count on 4G. The Kingdom has 3 main telecommunication companies (Maroc Telecom, Orange, Inwi). You can expect to spend around €10 to €30 on internet data.

Visa Requirements

Morocco offers most foreign nationals a 90 days-visa free stay. However, if you’re planning to stay for more than the above-mentioned period, you’ll need to apply for a residency card at the police precinct. The process takes 15 days on average. You can also try to apply for a self-employed visa, however, the residency card process is easier.

Coworking Spaces

Marrakech has only recently emerged as one of the best Mediterranean places for digital nomads. Therefore, the coworking scene is still not fully developed. For the moment, Marrakech only has 4 coworking spaces (Cocohub, The Spot, Cowork in Marrakech, Fraktal Coworking). However, this number will certainly grow in the upcoming years.

Most of the remote workspaces in Marrakech offer meeting rooms, coffee shops, desks, and fun zone events. Some of them also serve as co-living spaces, therefore, allowing digital nomads to have more interactions with like-minded people.

2. Turkey: Istanbul

This Turkish city is a festival of personal experiences which makes it one of the most incredible Mediterranean places to live as a digital nomad. Turkey’s largest city has over the years attracted an important number of remote workers and expats. Most of them decided to move to Istanbul thanks to its ideal geolocation and cheap cost of living.

Additionally, this Mediterranean city has the particularity of being between Europe and Asia, making it very easy for digital nomads to travel between the two continents.

Digital Nomad Istanbul Turkey


Istanbul has the particularity of enjoying the fastest internet speed in the country with an average downloads speed of 31.48 Mbps and 9.22 Mbps for uploads. This Mediterranean city also has numerous telecommunication companies, however, the best ones are Turk Telekom and Vodafone. In Istanbul Expect to spend between €20 up to €25/month for mobile data.

Visa Requirements

Istanbul offers a 90 days visa-free stay for most foreign nationals. However, if you would like to exceed this period, you’ll have to apply for a visa before entering Turkish soil. The application’s cost ranges between €30 up to €60.

Coworking Spaces

Unlike Marrakech, Istanbul has a wide selection of coworking spaces with prices ranging between €90 up to €200. Most of them have 24/7 access, kitchen, meeting rooms, and different membership packages.

However, the most critical deciding factor concerning coworking places for digital nomads is the location. That is because the city is split into two parts (East and West). It is important to choose a coworking space in the place where you live. By doing so, you’ll avoid spending a big amount of time commuting.

Aside from coworking spaces, you can choose to work from a cafe. Most of them have a reliable Wi-Fi connection and power sockets.

3. Spain: Barcelona

Another important Mediterranean destination for digital nomads is Barcelona. This city is a multifaceted one with endless days of sunshine, a peaceful way of living, and exquisite food. Barcelona is also historically and culturally diverse. It is home to numerous important Spanish monuments and almost every nationality is represented there.

Additionally, in Barcelona, you’ll never get bored as there are countless activities within the reach of all budgets.

Digital Nomad Barcelona Spain


It’s no wonder Barcelona is an important digital hub in the Mediterranean region. The Catalonian capital enjoys the fastest internet connectivity in Spain (87 Mbps) and a widespread public Wi-Fi network. Furthermore, there are 3 main telecommunication operators (Orange, Vodafone, and Movistar). They all offer interesting data mobile deals:

  • Orange: unlimited data, €29/month
  • Vodafone: 30GB, €20/month
  • Movistar: 30GB €18.95/month.

Visa Requirements

European digital nomads do not need a visa to stay for a short period in Barcelona. All they are required to do is to present a valid national ID or passport. However, if you are planning to exceed 90 days, you’ll need to apply for a FIN (Foreign Identification Number).

Furthermore, if you come from outside of Europe, you’ll probably need to apply for a national or Schengen visa from the nearest embassy in your country of residence.

To read all about how to get a Digital Nomad Visa in Spain, check out our in-depth article!

Coworking Spaces

Barcelona is home to numerous coworking spaces. Most of them also serve as coliving spaces. However, it is very common to find digital nomads in the capital of Catalonia working from a cafe, restaurant, or bar. Keep in mind that they might be a bit more expensive than in the previous countries.

4. Tunisia: Sousse

This coastal city is one of the most ideal Mediterranean places for digital nomads wishing to stay in a Mediterranean city full of oriental traditions. Located in the east of Tunisia, Sousse is the third agglomeration of the country.

The city enjoys a magnificent and rich historical and architectural background. It is home to an Old Town listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1988. It also shelters a catacomb labyrinth with nearly 240 underground galleries!

Digital Nomad Sousse Tunisia


Internet connection is almost available anywhere in Sousse, yet mostly on DSL lines. This makes it not reliable at times. However, you can always count on mobile data.

In Sousse, SIM cards are easy to buy, can be activated right away, and are affordable with a proper volume of internet data. There are three telecommunication providers in Sousse (Ooredoo, Tunisie Telecom, and Orange Tunisie). Tunisie Telecom is the leading telecommunication operator in Tunisia and Ooredoo is the country’s largest telecom company. The three providers have the same mobile data offer: 55 GB for €16/Month.

Visa Requirements

Nationals of 35 foreign countries can stay in Sousse for 90/180 days. While 19 countries benefit from a visa on arrival and 24 countries enjoy the E-Visa system. Additionally, even if you need a visa to enter Tunisia, it is relatively easy and cheap.

Coworking Spaces

Sousse has an important digital nomad and expat community in North Africa. This is due to the growing governmental interest in entrepreneurship and innovation. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that Sousse houses numerous coworking spaces with prices ranging between €70 up to €180.

5. Malta: Valletta

Located south of Sicily, the Maltese capital is steeped in history. To live as a digital nomad in Valletta means that you are up for an authentic European lifestyle in the middle of an island.

In this city, everything is at your disposal to make your life easy and enjoyable as a digital nomad. Not only do you benefit from the amazing Mediterranean weather and gastronomy but you can also benefit from the Maltese digital residency program. It allows you to establish an online business and have access to financial and governmental services!

Digital Nomad Valleta Malta


The average internet connectivity speed in Valletta is 94.02 Mbps for broadband and 41.28 Mbps for mobile data. However, benefiting from this service can turn out pretty expensive compared to other Mediterranean places.

Visa Requirements

Like Barcelona, Valletta is part of the Schengen zone. Meaning that if you’re European or you have a valid Schengen visa, you can stay 90/180 days in the city. If you plan to exceed this period, you’ll have to apply for a national or Schengen visa.

You can also apply for a Nomad residence permit if you plan to spend one year in Valletta. Just make sure you have a monthly income of €2,700 (gross of tax) or more. The application process is relatively easy and takes around 30 days.

Coworking Spaces

Valletta is one of the best Mediterranean cities for digital nomads in terms of coworking spaces’ coverage. Most of them offer private offices, virtual offices, and long-term leases for individuals or companies of various sizes.

Moreover, they are an ideal place to look for professional opportunities and grow your network in a dynamic hub. All of this will only cost you between €200 up to €250/month.

Detailed statistics

For even more detailed statistics like the cost of a cup of coffee and tax rates, you can check out our interactive overview of the best places to live as a digital nomad!

Which Digital Nomad Country is best suited for you?

We tried to cover a broad range of countries so you can decide which one suits you best. Still not convinced? Have a look at our top countries in Europe to be a digital nomad!

Thank you for coming along with us. Let us know in the comments what your experiences are!

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