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Digital Nomad Visa in Italy (2022)
Digital Nomad Visa in Italy (2022)

Digital Nomad Visa in Italy (2022)

Digital Nomad Visa in Italy (2022)

Italy attracts millions of tourists each year, with its picturesque landscapes, gourmet food, and slow living. It is also becoming increasingly popular amongst digital nomads, who want to experience la dolce vita, whilst maintaining business as usual.

If you have been contemplating going to Italy for your next destination, we have some good news for you! The government recently passed a law that will make it easier for digital nomads to stay in the country. Need we say more? We’ll explain everything regarding the Digital Nomad Visa in Italy.

Digital Nomad Visa Italy
Who doesn’t want to experience the romance that Italy’s small streets have to offer?!

Italy’s Digital Nomad Visa Details

Italy passed the law regarding its digital nomad visa in March of 2022. Currently, you cannot apply for the visa, and information is still sparse. However, we have some information that we are happy to share with you! We will update this article as soon as new information becomes available.

For who is the Digital Nomad Visa in Italy?

First, the digital nomad visa is for non-EU citizens only. If you are already a resident of an EU country, you can live and work within the union visa-free (lucky you!).

So, if you are a highly qualified digital nomad from outside of the EU, this visa is for you. It is not yet clear who counts as a “highly qualified” worker, however, but it is believed to be those who ‘carry out highly qualified work activities through the use of technological tools that allow them to work remotely, autonomously, or for a company that is not resident in the territory of the Italian state’.


When you eventually get your long-awaited visa appointment there are a few things you should keep in mind.

  1. First, you need to have all your documents ready. This includes a recent passport-size photo.
  2. You also need to be able to prove that you have accommodation set up for your stay in Italy. Pro tip: Airbnb is a good place to start looking, as many hosts offer long-time stays for digital nomads.
  3. It is also anticipated that the upcoming digital nomad visa will require you to have a minimum yearly salary. It is not yet known what this limit is, but it is required as proof that you will be able to support yourself while living in Italy. We will update this article when new information becomes available, so make sure to save it in your bookmarks, or sign up for our newsletter to stay updated!
  4. Last, it is a prerequisite that you have updated health insurance and a clean criminal record. 

Self-employment Work Permit

If you simply do not have the time to wait for Italy’s digital nomad visa, you have other options as well.

The self-employment work permit is one of them. These permits are given based on a set yearly quota, but 2022 might be the year to get one. The travel and tourism industry has not yet reached the levels they were pre-pandemic, and countries are eager to attract more people.

This permit will allow you to work independently, either by starting up a small business, in partnership with others or as a sole trader.

To obtain this permit you need to fill in several forms and provide information about your financial situation, as well as proof of your qualifications. Additional information might be required based on the type of business you are in.

Types of self-employment visas

Every year, the Italian government issues self-employment visas for specific professions. However, the self-employment visas are:

  • The Italy Startup Visa: issued to foreigners wanting to open an innovative company in Italy, as well as foreigners who want to join an already-existing company in an executive role.
  • The Italy Freelancer Visa: issued to individuals who intend to take up self-employed, freelance work and do not have a company that wants to hire them.
  • The Italy Entrepreneur Visa: issued to foreigners who want to implement an investment plan (of no less than €500,000) that is beneficial to the Italian economy.
Digital Nomad Remote Working
The self-employment visa requires you to start something locally, while the Digital Nomad Visa doesn’t.

Intra-company Visa

The intra-company visa is also worth checking out. This visa is for those who work for foreign companies, but who have the option to get affiliated with an Italian branch. You are required to submit the same paperwork as for other visa options, to prove your eligibility.

We know, paperwork is not your favorite thing, but just think about all the perks that come with it. You get to live and work in one of the most beautiful countries on earth! Good things come to those who wait after all, so patience is key here.

Preparing for Italy

Whilst waiting for the visa process to finalize, you could be doing something fruitful. You could be getting lost in your Pinterest board, filled with photos of vineyards, Italian pizza, and cute trattorias. Or, you could start looking for places to stay and work. See our tips on how to find accommodation as a digital nomad.

Milano and Rome are hotspots for digital nomads. They are technology hubs, filled with co-working spaces for remote workers. Check out Cofoundry, Spaces, and Airbnb to browse some of them.

The Italian government has also issued an investment plan of around €1 billion, in a bid to attract more foreign workers to smaller villages. So, if rural living sounds more like your thing, you should look into this option as well. We hear Tuscany is worth checking out!

Digital Nomad Tuscany
Tuscany is one of the most serene and beautiful places in Italy.

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