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Digital Nomad Visa in Mexico
Digital Nomad Visa in Mexico

Digital Nomad Visa in Mexico

Digital Nomad Visa in Mexico

Do you want to be a Digital Nomad in Mexico? Or are you thinking about heading to sunny Cancun for your next trip? Perhaps Playa del Carmen sounds tempting?
Mexico truly is one of the best countries to stay as a digital nomad these days, and you will be sure to meet a lot of likeminded people along the way. Mexico even is one of the easiest countries to temporarily settle in, due to their not so stringent rules for foreign workers. Your best visa option for this destination is to go for the very lucrative temporary resident visa. We’ll tell you all you need to know about it right here!

Digital Nomad Mexico
Mexico is one of the most beautiful and diverse countries we’ve ever been to!

Temporary resident visa

Usually, tourist visas are not very lucrative for remote workers. As they don’t always allow you to stay for very long, and they usually don’t allow you to work whilst you’re there.

With the Mexican temporary resident visa, you can stay in the country for 180 days. However, within 30 days of arriving in Mexico, you should exchange this visa for a temporary resident card, which lets you stay for up to one year. This can be extended for a maximum of three years.

So essentially, the temporary resident visa gives you permission to stay for up to three years if you wish. Once you have it, you’ll be free to live and work in Mexico!

What do you need to apply for the visa?

You need to have several documents in place before you apply for the visa.
The first thing you’ll need is a Mexico Visa Application Form, which needs to be signed and printed. The second thing you’ll need is, perhaps not surprisingly, a passport. In order to get your actual visa, you’ll also need to bring an updated photo of yourself, in passport size.

You might need to provide additional documents, such as proof of residence in Mexico, or bank statements to show that you can support yourself whilst you’re living in Mexico.

How do you apply for the temporary resident visa?

Once you have all the required documents, you should contact your nearest Mexican embassy. You can contact the embassy prior to visiting them if you’re not sure which documents you need to bring. To make it a bit easier for you, you can check out the complete list of Mexican embassies around the world here!

Keep in mind that you need to get an appointment at the embassy, so you should give them a call anyway. Once you get your appointment, you need to fill out the form. You can obtain it from the website of the embassy. Bring all the other relevant documents, and bring enough money to pay the visa fee.

How much does the Temporary Resident visa cost?

For the temporary resident visa, the price is approximately $36. We find this to be a very reasonable price for a visa!

Mexico Digital Nomad Visa

Working tourist visa

Another option you have is to apply for the Mexican Working Tourist Visa. This visa is a good option if you’re not planning on staying for very long, as it only allows you to stay for 180 days. Unlike the temporary resident visa, this visa can not be extended once it has expired.

The process for applying for the visa, however, is similar to the first option. You simply have to make an appointment at your nearest embassy and submit the required documents.

You should also keep in mind that, whilst this visa allows you to work when you’re in Mexico, it resembles more the regular tourist visa. This visa does not come with the same benefits as the temporary resident visa. This means that you’ll need to do your own research to make sure that you have sufficient health insurance for the entirety of your stay in Mexico.

Other things to keep in mind

The process for obtaining a visa is pretty straightforward. Once you have it, there should not be any difficulties living and working in Mexico. Should you lose or damage your visa or resident card, you can contact a local immigration office to have it replaced.

You will need to bring all necessary documents, such as new passport photos, fill in the right forms, and have the money to pay the replacement fee.

If you’ve made it this far, you should have all the information you need to get started on your application. You’ll be well on your way to Mexico in no time. ¡Buen viaje!
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