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How to Find a Remote Job in 2022
How to Find a Remote Job in 2022

How to Find a Remote Job in 2022

How to Find a Remote Job in 2022

If the last few years have taught us anything, it’s that working remotely is fully possible. If you’re drawn to the idea of location freedom (which we assume you are, since you’re reading this), you’re in luck. 2022, is the year to pursue that idea. Companies have had time to adjust to a new way of working. They are keen to utilize the benefits of hiring remotely. So how exactly do I find that remote job, we hear you ask? We’re here to tell you.

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Working remotely can be as fun as you make it yourself

Know your skillset for the job

This goes for all job searches, whether remotely or not. However, we’d argue that remote work requires you to have an even better understanding of how you can contribute to a team or company. In many instances you won’t actually ever meet your employer in person, so properly selling yourself, and your skills are key to success. You might even need to upgrade your skills to meet the demands of remote working.

According to Forbes, skills like collaboration, focus, time management, adaptability, and efficient written communication are crucial for anyone wishing to find a remote job. You need to be able to prove that you’ll get the work done on time, even though you don’t have any colleagues around to push you. It goes without saying then, that a remote job can be extra demanding. The perk is that you’ll be able to enjoy new and beautiful office views every single day – so we say it will probably (definitely) be worth it.

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Whatever your skillset is, you need to define it in order to present yourself

Finding the right remote job

So, now you know what you can do, and it’s time to put it to the test. There are many great resources out there, which focus specifically on remote jobs. We suggest you start by checking out this list. It’s a page where you’ll find current remote job openings in every sector from sales and marketing to programming. The list contains a host of different employers, so with a bit of additional research, you’ll most likely be able to find a company to suit your needs.

Working Remotely
Enjoy the journey, it’s not only about the result!

You need to keep in mind, however, that the competition for these jobs can be tough, as the positions are often open to people from around the world. If you find yourself without luck, you might need to think a bit outside of the box. Try networking with interesting people on LinkedIn, or get in touch with companies directly.

If you’re determined to find a remote job, you’ll need to put in the extra work. Perhaps you should try working freelance in the beginning. This way you can boast about your remote working skills on your resume. Websites like TopTal are perfect to easily find clients from all over the world. There are many ways to land that perfect remote job, so we would encourage you to keep trying. Be creative, and enjoy the process!

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