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How to Stay Safe Traveling as a Digital Nomad
How to Stay Safe Traveling as a Digital Nomad

How to Stay Safe Traveling as a Digital Nomad

How to Stay Safe Traveling as a Digital Nomad

Safety should be on your mind whether you’re on vacation, or you’re traveling the world as a digital nomad. In a perfect world, everyone is kind, and everywhere is safe – but that just isn’t reality.

And when you first start thinking about it, there are a lot of areas for concern. You don’t only need to concern yourself with keeping safe from strangers, there’s also a possibility that you’ll experience natural disasters such as earthquakes and tsunamis.

The fact is that we can’t protect ourselves from everything, but we can take precautions. They will definitely be beneficial in a state of emergency. So how to stay safe whilst traveling as a digital nomad? Here’s everything you should keep in mind!

Digital Nomad safety travel
Not being up to date with current safety regulations may event prevent you from traveling outright. For example the need to wear a face mask on an airplane.

Government websites

Consult your own government’s website before embarking on your next adventure. They will give you information about crime levels, and what to keep your eyes out for in each country. Some places, often big cities, are prone to pick-pockets for instance.

Other countries may have unstable government structures, which makes them more prone to demonstrations and unrest. Some countries or cities are even to be avoided completely, based on the current situation.

Listen to the advice given to you, and make smart decisions! We don’t want to discourage the adventurer in you, but sometimes it’s just not worth it.

Do it like the locals

If you’re traveling abroad, you don’t want to stick out like a sore thumb. If you look like a foreigner and a tourist, you’ll be more of a target for pick-pockets and scammers.

Cultural differences

Figure out what the local dress codes are and adhere to them. In some countries, this means drastically changing your behavior. In Muslim countries, this might be wearing a headscarf as a woman and using a shapeless garment. Whereas in India, it might mean modest clothing that doesn’t accentuate your curves.

For guys, it may mean covering your tattoos, shoulders and legs, and wearing shoes, not sandals.

Conservative places love their dress codes, and not adhering to them, might not be very beneficial for you. The advantage for you is that you truly get to immerse yourself in the local culture!

Local news

It’s definitely worth making sure to keep an eye on the local news. Local news stations will be the first ones to know if something is happening, and this should be your prime source of information. If you don’t speak the local language, that will of course be a bit more difficult, but Google Translation will be your friend here. Sometimes local news sites will also publish in English, so double check that as well.

Speak to some locals to get an understanding of where they get their information from, and stick to that. They will know the best. Serious incidents can happen anywhere, be it a civil war, earthquake, terrorist attack, or tsunami. Don’t be over-cautious, but don’t take your safety for granted either.

Emergency alerts

If you register with your embassy (as you should if you’re going to be in a country for more than a few days) they will also have a text alert style service that will notify you if things start going a bit south in the country you’re in. You’ll also be informed of what you should do in case of an emergency.

Skyroam Solis Wifi router
Being connected to the internet will also make you feel way safer. Consider getting a portable wifi router from Skyroam. The Solis Lite Hotspot & Power Bank. Available at Solis WiFi.

Digital Nomad Insurance

Travel Insurance for Digital Nomads is probably not at the top of your mind when you plan your next travel. But when you suddenly find yourself needing one, you’ll be grateful you got one.

Whilst normal travelers only need to be covered for a short duration, such as a two-week vacation, digital nomads need a long-term plan. The costs of your insurance will vary depending on which duration you go for. To give you an example: the travel insurance provided by SafetyWing costs $42 per month (4 weeks) on average for single travelers under the age of 39. You can check out their price calculator here for exact pricing.

Calculate your custom price:

Do I need Digital Nomad Insurance?

Whilst insurance adds an extra cost to your budget, without you even using it, the answer is a definite yes. You can not be in control of every situation, and accidents do happen. If you’re not insured, you might end up spending ten times the price of the insurance to cover the costs out of your own pocket.

Proof of Insurance

In some instances, you will even need to show proof of insurance in order to be eligible for a visa. Having sufficient insurance in order will allow you to let go of worries. This way you can focus on your work and travels. Are you looking to acquire a Visa as a digital nomad? Check out our collection of guides per country to get you up and running.

24/7 Support

Insurances do also come with other great perks, not just financial ones. Some companies offer 24/7 support, should you need to contact someone in case of problems. They are a great point of contact to help you find suitable medical facilities, for instance. That might be comforting to know if you’re in unfamiliar territory all by yourself. You can read more about Digital Nomad insurance here.

Additional tips

Sometimes, especially when it’s dark outside, you really shouldn’t be by yourself. Sadly, this is even more important if you’re a woman.

If you need to be out by yourself at night, let someone know where you are and don’t seek out deserted streets. Keep your belongings close to you, and don’t flash fancy clothing, or expensive jewelry. For safety, these are sometimes the sacrifices we need to make.

Safety Gear

Perhaps you should invest in some smart gear, which makes it more difficult for pick-pockets and robbers to get ahold of your personal belongings. There are a lot of cool and innovative brands for travelers, who value the safety of their customers! Here are a few cool ones:

  • Invisawear emergency jewelry. Available at Amazon.
    An emergency call button disguised as a charm on a piece of jewelry. During an emergency, the wearer presses the charm button twice to send immediate texts via a Bluetooth-connected smartphone to five friends or family members with their GPS location and a request for help.
  • Travelon Anti-theft backpack. Available at Amazon.
    With Anti-Theft features like slash & cut resistant straps and panels, locking zippers, RFID-protected card slots, and an RFID Passport pocket you can travel with confidence.
  • DIVINE EAGLE Spy Camera. Available at Amazon.
    Spy Camera and USB Charger, a smart 2-in-1 device that works like a standard USB charger for mobile devices but also records video in crystal-clear 1080P high definition! Useful if you want to keep an eye on your hotel room when you’re gone. Please do not spy on people!

The best possible scenario would be for you to stick to a group. If you’re in unfamiliar territory, it is always wise to have company. You can also ask the locals for areas to avoid; they will know the potentially dangerous places. Take a look at HoodMaps to see what other nomads think of specific areas in the city you’re in.

To sum it up, we want you to enjoy your travels, but we also want you to stay safe. Do your research on the country you’re traveling to, and make sure to stay updated once you’re there!




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